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    Problems with installing Win32 apps from workspaceONE details view

    MichaelSchnatterer Lurker

      Hello community, We have a very curios issue. We are managing Windows 10 devices and have also an on-prem vIDM in place for unified app catalog. So installing of apps is working fine so far from workspace ONE app, but if a user is searching for an app and click on it, he is forwared to the app details page. If the user tries to install the app then, nothing happens. This behavior is only if the users tries to install an app from the details view after searching for it. I do not think it is an server issue and we were not able to identify any network issues, on iOS it is also working without problems. So I wanted to ask if maybe somebody have already the same issue? WS1 version and vIDM 19.0.3 Thanks and BR Michael