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      Please forgive me if I begin from a complete lack of knowledge... But the use of Containers in the Corporate Owned Personally Enabled space on Samsung is killing us in IT.  In this model, configuring Exchange access is nearly useless because natively, the native email app is not in the work container. If I push the Samsung Email app to devices, some error out and do not install.  If I choose GMail in the email profile, that too does not always make it out to all my devices.  If I do not use the native mail app, then I cannot have users' calendars sync to the native calendar app that includes syncing Tasks from Exchange. Good luck getting the native Calendar in the work profile for that matter.  If I push Wandera out to my devices to enforce data consumption policies, users can simply use the personal web browser to bypass those policies as they are only bound to the work container. It seems to me that the implementation of containerization for my environment is not desirable. I would love a way to completely disable it. I know I can disable it if I enroll phones as ' Work Managed Devices' . Problem is, then it is not personally enabled. We would like to give our users the ability to install their own apps from the Play Store. I would love any feedback anyone may have. Thank you very much.