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    Migrate airwatch

    glennc1968 Novice
      So some back story I currently have airwatch (workspace one)  installed on a windows server 2008 r2 server and want to migrate to a windows server 2019.   I also want to Migrate to a new version of workspace one.   To me it seems that i should build the new server and install the app version i want on that  Than do the DB upgrades?   Let me know what you all think.  
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          chengtmskcc Expert
          Assuming you are using some sort of clustering/load balancing solution, I would first set up a second instance of the device service and console server on the Windows 2019 servers. Then, decommission the Windows 2008 servers. Afterward, upgrade the console version to your desired target (i.e. 1909) starting with DB upgrades.
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            AndreasDoerfler Novice

            what version are you running?

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              glennc1968 Novice
                That makes sense, Is there a path to migrate a current version to a new server?     Current Version is      
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                AndreasDoerfler Novice

                personaly i would upgrade to 1903's latest version first and check if everything is working. (or 1909 when there are a bunch of patches out, when you aren't in the mood for early adopter)
                i'm not recommending 1907, since we have heavy trouble with a not working tunnel, and searching the forum, we aren't the only ones.

                after upgrading to one of the 190x release i would move with the same version to the new server.

                moving and upgrading at the same time is something i won't consider. when you run into problems you'll have a hard time if it's because of the move or the new ws1 version.


                9.6.x is fine to just upgrade in one step

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                  glennc1968 Novice
                  Ok that all makes sense,  But Rookie question,  How do you migrate all the App pools in IIS and URl re writes if there any? 
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                    Stansfield Hot Shot
                    1907 has a patch if you run into that issue with the tunnel, 1909 will currently break everything given the updater fails entirely and the app pools will be made by the installer do not attempt to make them manually