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    Totaly confused about email configuration with O365

    RADP Novice
      We are on our way to migrate users to O365, but the devices will initally still be managed på WS1. Reading the documentation it tells me that i need to setup a powershell integration against Outlook.office365.com to be able to collect mails with the help of a service account. Said and done this was configured and it works. Well thats the problem now when we perform tests and are able to analys it. It works without even using this powershell integration?
      Im talking about Boxer, when we configure it to use Exchange Active Sync Host: Outlook.office365.com and then leave Email Management empty under VMware Boxer assignment settings it still works. Boxer are able to sync mails and is happy. But why should i then setup a Email Management for O365?

      Does anyone know, hence this O365 thingy with WS1 seems a bit like a black hole.

      Robert Söderlund