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    In App Purchases and VPP Deployed Apps

    GeraldMudd Lurker
      Our iOS devices get deployed through DEP and apps are purchased through VPP and pushed through device-based assignment.  From my limited research, it seem like there is no way to do ' In-App Purchases'  for VPP apps.  The only options are to use an Apple ID for In-App Purchases or to contact the app developer to create another version of the app with the IAP features built-in for sale through VPP.  Has anyone been able to get a developer to do this? 
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          RichB2u2 Hot Shot
          I am wondering the same thing. We have a SPED behavior app purchased and it has modules to be added as ' in app purchases'  but it says it cannot allow a subscription to be purchased since there is no Apple ID associated with the app.
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            tfriedm Novice

            This issue has not been resolved. I just had the same issue come up with the Capture One - Capture Pilot iOS app that prompts for an In-app purchase after installing. I followed up with Apple Enterprise Support and found that the only way to do in-app purchases is to remove the "purchased" app via Workspace One and re-install it locally after creating an Apple ID and logging into the device. Then you can pay for the in-app purchase by associating a credit card with the Apple ID or purchasing Apple Gift Cards and associating with the Apple ID.