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    Creating three node VSAN cluster with esxcli?

    jayaramanit123 Lurker

      Can we create a three node VSAN cluster just with esxcli , with out Vcenter ?

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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
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          Hello jayaramanit123


          Yes this is relatively easy, but is there a reason you want to do this as opposed to boot-strapping vCenter onto a single-node to do this via vCenter?

          (AKA the supported and proper way of doing this so as to have an SPBM-aware and other features fully-fledged cluster)

          Bootstrap the VCSA onto vSAN 6.6 with Easy Install - Virtual Blocks


          Here are the steps to do this via esxcli:

          Configure vSAN network on all nodes:

          # esxcli vsan network ip add -i <vmkX>

          Enable vSAN on 1st node and create the cluster:

          # esxcli vsan cluster new

          List the cluster information:

          # esxcli vsan cluster get

          Get the Sub-Cluster UUID from above and join the other nodes:

          # esxcli vsan cluster join -u <Sub-Cluster UUID>

          Create Disk-Groups on all nodes

          # esxcli vsan storage add -s <SSD NAA/mpx/t.10> -d <SSD/HDD NAA/mpx/t.10> -d <SSD/HDD NAA/mpx/t.10> -d ...


          FYI for anyone thinking of copy+pasting the above into a pseudo-techie personal blog-post, always reference/credit sources and also realise that doing this way is not a great idea, doing it via vCenter is the supported method.