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    Register vCloud instance into VRO

    francescor Novice

      Hi all


      I'm using the vRO plugin for vCloud 10 and as soon as I start the workflow "Add a connection" I can see this error on top:



      even though the API version field is being populated, and this error is gone when I click the RUN button, but then there are other errors showing:



      As far as I can see the form is failing to show the additional fields that need to be populated (such as username and password).


      Did someone manage to register a vCloud 10 instance into vRO, if not is there any alternative to achieve this?


      Versions used:

      • vRealize Orchestrator: 8.0.1 (15282010)

      • vCloud Director version: Thu Sep 12 17:14:11 UTC 2019

      • Orchestrator plugin for vCloud Director 10.0.0: o11nplugin-vcloud-10.0.0-14669048.vmoapp Release Date: 2019-09-19 Build Number: 14669048


      Thanks in advance.