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    Is there a way to shrink a virtual disk safely within vSphere? (either ESXi or vCenter)

    vitaprimo Novice

      I have a Windows Server VM that was meant to be used for nested virtualization but in the end it became a domain controller () Its only [virtual] partition has been shrunk already and the VMDK has been converted into thin provisioned. I'm planning to use Windows Server Backup to backup the shrunken volume and reinstall on a smaller virtual disk.

      That's best case scenario though. It's no secret that Microsoft's software never works as advertised or there's always some gotcha.


      Is it safe to shrink a VMDK on ESXi/vCenter? When a guest OS seizes the VMDK, how does it write to it? Is like sequential like a real mechanical drive or does it try to fill unwritten blocks first à la au flash? I don't know if it matters; it's on a paravirtual SCSI controller.


      I think I'm more interested in the ins and outs (ha!) of how storage is handled than actually doing something about my VM.