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    FS TX2550M4 / CIM Provider

    Klfak Lurker


      i trying found some solution but no luck.


      Have FS TX2550 with EP420i raid card.

      Have installed ESXi 6.7u3

      Win2019 STD.


      But in FS RAID manager im unable to add ESXi host for monitor RAID. Error - no CIM provider found.


      I have downloaded  ServerView ESXi CIM Provider 9.10.04 (27/11/2019) from FS website.

      Upload to TMP via WinSCP

      Host in maintanenc mode

      esxcli software vib install -d “/TMP/Datastore/DirectoryName/PatchName.zip“

      but after this command i get only  "  > "

      Same end of command when i unpack vib file from zip.


      Can somebody help me?


      Thank you Petr