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    Unable to add vCenter

    DLDaveHill Lurker



      This appears to be a common problem from a quick peruse of the forum!


      I am trying to add a vCenter server to the Skyline collector appliance but I can't find the correct combination of options to make it work.


      I created a local (non AD) user in vCenter, called "skyline@vsphere.local" and assigned the new "Skyline Collector" role to it.


      I then filled in the form but I either get "Permission to perform this operation was denied." or "Unexpected status code: 404".


      We are using a separate PSC, so I followed the notes in an earlier discussion but I'm unsure as to the "and you have changed the default SSO" part.


      We have changed the default SSO, so in the Advanced Options do I put our SSO domain or does it want "vsphere.local" - if I do put in our SSO domain then I get the "404" error, if I put "vsphere.local" then I get the permissions error. Does it depend on whether your user is a local user or a domain user?



      PS: It's *really* annoying that the appliance logs you out whilst you're in the middle of trying to fill in the form, without warning you or saving your input!!