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    Re: Snapshots on storage

    Viktor_2018 Enthusiast

      Good afternoon!

      I talked with a Dell specialist, and he said that they recommend performing snapshots on the SC3020. Since snapshots can speed up storage performance.
      1. I wanted to clarify if I create snapshots for each Lun as described above and they will be stored only 24 hours. It will be right? (2 Luns are for storing backups, 2 Luns for storing non-critical virtual machines)
      2. I have 4 Luns on DELL, all of them are created under VMFS. At the moment I have 3 Lun in the red zone. Well, that’s logical, as Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed was created in Lun data.
      (Example 1Lun 3TB - 1 Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed 2.9 TB) But Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed itself is not fully occupied in the system. What to do or is this a normal practice?