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    vROPS 7.5 Idle VMs

    SteveR2345 Novice

      Hi, I'm trying to modify the idle VM report in vRops 7.5, at least to change the monitoring window to business hours would be helpful. Modifying the resource definitions of idle also if possible.

      Any help is much appreciated, coming up blank on searches.
      Thanks in advance

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          T180985 Expert

          ive always found vROPS to be harder than almost anything else to find decent results for on google....


          Check the Workload Policy Rule for idle definitions

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            RickVerstegen Expert


            I suggest to clone the view used in the idle VM report. Then you are able to adjust the view and change the date range in the view that the report is using by clicking on time settings in the data section while editing the view. The downside of this approach is that you need to adjust the time range in the view each time upfront before you run the report.

            At the moment there is no way as far as i know to change the time range on the report itself.


            An idle VM is a VM that hasn't consumed more than 100 MHz of CPU over the time set in reclaim settings, which is 7 days by default. The metric is Summary|Reclaimable Idle.

            Only the duration is configurable. The 100 MHz threshold isn't configurable.

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              SteveR2345 Novice

              Thanks for the reply. I've done that now and I still can't change the Time Settings from a date range. Is there somewhere else I can change the time rather than the date? I'm sure it's been done but from what I read it's the previous version of vROPS.

              We're using 7.5 and I'm trying to exclude non-core hours from the idle report. Backups are done after hours and this could skew the metrics of an idle machine.

              Thanks and regards

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                RickVerstegen Expert

                You're right, only date range. As far as i know it is not possible to change the time rather than the date. In previous versions this was possible, i believe in 6x.

                In the policy under Analysis Settings there was a section called Time Range and editing this for the particular types of objects depending on what you want to report on.


                jddias: can you confirm or clarify on this?

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                  jddias Expert
                  VMware EmployeesvExpert

                  Rick you are correct.

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                    cdsouza Lurker

                    you make a copy of Idle VMs, and edit, in the Object context + Schedule you have a time set for 6mnt 3mnt, etc, and in the configuration tab, you have a timestamp to know when you have provisioned VM.

                    better to run a script to know the last login date, the report could have a better view for idle VMs.