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    Copy text between two different RDSH farms?

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      Hi all,


      I have a problem where we have 2 different RDSH farms created for different applications (mainly because the client uses different versions of Office e.g. Free Office and Microsoft Office, and they didn´t want to install all versions on the same RDSH server).

      When a user opens an RDSH app from the first farm, they can copy and paste text to any other app in the same farm (e.g. they copy text from notepad and paste into Chrome).

      However they cannot copy and paste text to an application in the second farm (cannot copy from notepad on the first farm to Chrome in the second farm).


      I have enabled a Smart Policy with "Enable All" for the clipboard however the behavior persists.


      Does anyone know if this is supported and, if so, what am I missing/what should I check?

      If it is supported I am assuming it is a simple configuration somewhere but I don´t know where.


      Can anyone help?