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    Only 25 clients can run on VMware Workstation Pro at the same time

    LouisDr Lurker

      My work scenario is to open many sub windows on Windows. The more, the better.

      Few days ago, I installed a new computer with AMD ThreadRipper 3970X. The monstor has 32 cores and 64 threads.

      Then I installed VMware Workstation PRO 15.5. Later, I found that I could only open 28 clients and run only 25. At this time, my CPU usage is only 50%.

      Is there any way to break this limitation, or hope that the official can keep pace with the times and increase the upper limit of windows that VM Pro can support. After all, 32 or even 64 core desktop processors have been born.

      Exsi is used by the server, which obviously does not meet my use scenario.

      Thank you!