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    vRealize Operations Manager 7.5 Data Retriever is Not Initialized yet

    coopersmith77 Novice

      I am testing out this version of Operations Manager in my vSphere 6.7u3 environment.  Operations Manager was working fine before I shutdown the virtual appliance in order to save resources while I used HP's Smart Update Manager to update my three ESXi hosts firmware and drivers.  These three hosts are not clustered.  I've now booted up the Operations Manager appliance.  The appliance seems to boot up okay.  I can connect to it via https and SSH.  I can log into it via SSH.  However when I get to the login page for the website, I get the message "Data Retriever is not initialized yet.  Please wait...".  So I've waited for a day.  I've rebooted the appliance.  I've searched the docs, KBs, and communities for answers.  I've found similar requests for help in communities from 4 years ago.  Unfortunately no advice in those requests help in my situation.


      Can someone help me get the data retriever to initialize successfully?