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    App Volumes 4.0 performance

    john_f2004 Novice

      I'm curious to know how performance has been with others testing with App Volumes 4.0. Our environment consists of vSphere 6.7 update 3, vCenter 6.7 update 3, Horizon 7.10.0, View Agent 7.10.1, DEM 9.10 and App Volumes 4.0.


      Our image has been optimized following the techzone article from VMware. Our image we are testing also includes View Agent 7.10.1, DEM 9.10 and App Volumes 4.0.


      Timing the logon process is used by a stopwatch, beginning from signing in to seeing a desktop. I'm using this method just because to an end user all they care about is the time it takes to see a desktop after signing in. Also to note, I haven't been able to get the VMware Logon Monitor to log properly with Agent 7.10.1 even with setting the service to Automatic. If anyone has any suggestions to get VMware Logon Monitor to log properly, please let me know! Using the image above and no Packages assigned we get an average of 22 seconds to login. With 1 package assigned (Chrome) the login jumps up to 52 seconds.


      I still have our previous image which consists of View Agent 7.5.1, UEM 9.8 and App Volumes 2.18. WIth 2 AppStacks assigned login averages 30 seconds.


      Anyone seeing their login time increase in their testing compared to App Volumes 2.X vs App Volumes 4.0?

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          753713 Enthusiast

          logontime with appvolumes agent 4 without appstacks 70 sec., with disabled appvolumes agent 20 sec. what is wrong???

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            Sabian0309 Novice

            I ended up here looking to see if anyone else was seeing poor performance with AppVolumes 4. 


            I just rolled a test server for it and created a brand new application with 3 small apps (Putty/winscp/notepad++), and it has taken the login time up a good bit.


            I'm going to start digging into it, but right now it seems significantly slower.  Though i do like some aspects of the UI .

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              john_f2004 Novice

              I like where VMware is going with how each application is on its' own with 4.0. I'm familiar with this as we came from using the Citrix App Layering (Unidesk) product.


              I'm still getting longer login times with App Volumes 4 compared to 2.18. I have also enabled writable volumes for the account we are testing with and used the profile only template. My login time dropped to ~42 seconds even when I assigned 3 packages (Chrome/Firefox/Adobe Reader DC) when using a writable volume with profile only. However from what I've read, it seems we should avoid using writable volumes as others seem to have nothing but issues with them. If I don't use a writable volume I go back up to about ~52 seconds for login with 1 package. If I assign 2 more packages my login goes to about ~1 minutes 20 seconds.


              My App Volumes 2.18 setup I still get ~30 seconds login time with 2 AppStacks. So as we are needing to get this rolling and get this out to users, it looks like I'll be going live with 2.18 in our Production environment.


              Our users care a lot about the initial login so that is making us lean towards 2.18 for now, even though they have to worry about the longer login only once for the first login of the day.