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    vSAN blips

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      We get a blip on all hosts in a vSAN cluster when we see this alert.  It happens every day and various times, but when it does all complain for a short moment then are ok.  Users and VMs don't really complain at all.  If I run a vSAN health check test as soon as this happens the alerts clear.  What could be increasing this space and what can I do to help with this?




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          Hello G0nz0UK


          Changes in the size of vsanDatastore indicate a portion of the cluster (e.g. disk/Disk-Group/node) is temporarily becoming unavailable - either due to intentional activities (e.g. placing a host in Maintenance Mode) or issues with the disks/controller/network.

          In this case, judging by the size changes, the numbers indicate that 1 node in a 10-node cluster is becoming unavailable (or 1 Disk-Group in a 5-node cluster with 2 DGs per node).


          If this is the same cluster you referred to here vSAN Health Alarm 'Hosts with connectivity issues  then I would advise starting with the points I referred to which you provide any further information on.