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    create datastore - funny bug in Web interface to standalone  6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 15160138), DAS via vmw_ahci

    YKalyaskin Lurker

      Be careful !!! The bug appeared somewhere after 6.7upd1 .

      ESXi6.7upd1 was installed on DAS SATA 250Gb hdd as usual (nine boot partitions and remaining Free space (225.51 GB).

      VMFS6 Datastore was created on remaining space - no problem at that moment -year ago. But at the moment I decided to recreate DS by some reason (VMFS6->VMFS5 really). ESXi is patched to latest state(Dec2109). Old DS was deleted, free space is shown correctly, and the attempt to create new DS: 

      And got funny result in web interface (any browser): capture.gif  

      Web programmers are changing total disk size and boot/EFI  partition order. Negative sizes... Any QC procedure was taken?

      Will use vmkfstools instead - I'm not so risky to create datastore in the mentioned above way...