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    Optimize Blueprint deployments across vCenters / Clusters

    mulliganesx Novice


      I have a XaaS template with a dropdown that deploys based on OS type (2012/2016/2019).  I have multiple clusters in separate vCenters.  Each vCenter is a tenant within vRA.  

      What is the preferred method of deployment to optimize speed and simplification?  This is what I am currently doing but seems extranneous.  

      1.  Windows Template per OS, is in each Cluster

      2.  Customization Specification is unique for each Template's OS, in each Cluster 

      3.  Blueprint has ability to see all Templates. 

      Is this recommended approach?

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          mulliganesx Novice

          Okay I may have figured it out and answered my own question.  :) 

          I tested below and can maintain a consistent timing on build deployments while maintaining some form of simplicity. 

          1.  Created 1 Component Profile per OS.   (3 Total) 

          2. In vRO workflows consistent with each component profile.  (1 per OS) 

          3.  Blueprint only references component profiles (1 per OS, 3 total)

          4.  As long as I have a template with the same name deployed to each vCenter and cluster it does the trick.