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    DirectX not working with Software 3D

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      We have a strange issue with a desktop pool that is setup with software 3D rendering. We are using an application that needs DirectX to do some 3D modelling. When I start the application on the master image, using the VMWare Remote Console, 3D modelling works. When I start the desktop from the desktop pool, using Horizon View Client 5.3 (blast) 3D Modelling doesn't work.


      VM Setup of the master image:


      Settings of the desktop pool:

      Which results in the following VM configuration of the VDI:


      So at first sight, this all looks correct. But 3D Modelling isn't working in the VDI, only on the master image. When I disable 3D on the desktop pool, it works in the VDI, but awfully slow. We need to use Software 3D because we don't have supported graphic cards in our hosts (only a couple of desktops need 3D).


      Another strange thing I noticed was the Direct diagnostics information differs between the master image and the VDI:

      Master image (3D disabled, VMWare remote console)
      VDI (Soft 3D enabled, blast protocol)


      If 3D is enabled it seems to fallback to lower DirectX levels, where I would have expected to be the other way around?


      ESXi hosts are 6.7, vCenter is 6.7, Horizon client is 5.3.0, Horizon View is 7.9.0, vmware tools 11.0.5 installed on master (same issue with 11.0.1)


      Anyone has any experience with DirectX and 3D in Horizon?




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          Small addition: when I recompose the desktop pool with 3D disabled, the DirectX diagnostics show the same results as on the master image. DirectX then works, but slowly.

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            Change it from software to "Manage using vsphere client", I believe its available with linked clones as well, I have it on for instant clones and its working. Doing it with horizon may not set it correctly, I saw that before in an older verison.

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              I set the master image video settings correct in vSphere (3D software, 256MB 3Dram, ...) Then I set the desktop pool to "Manage using vSphere Client".

              I created a new snapshot, recomposed and now the VDI is showing the same video settings in vSphere like the master VM.


              However, DirectX is still not working. When I check the DXDiag output on both master image and VDI they show the same info, but the lowest of the previous screenshots (WDDM 1.1, Direct3D DDI 10). So with 3D disabled, I got more DirectX features than with 3D enabled?!?