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    CentOS 8 and VMware Customization Specification

    jimm_chen Lurker

      I'm trying to create a gold template for provisioning guests from using current version of CentOS 8, however, VMware Customzation Specification seems to be just completely broken for it. I have the latest version of open-vm-tools and perl packages installed. If I try to customize the OS and give it the network configuration, the VM starts up without hostname being changed (to the VM name) and the NIC has no IP at all. What am I missing? I'm also using EFI boot, which is recommended for CentOS 8.


      Here are the environment information:

      - ESXi 6.7u3

      - vCenter 6.7u3

      - CentOS 8.0.1905

      - open-vm-tools 10.3.0-2.el8

      - perl 5.26.3-416.el8