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    vRA 7.5 / 7.6 Rendering of XAAS blueprints

    TimDScott Novice

      I have a bunch of vRO workflows that are used to create XAAS blueprints in vRA. I have a workflow that creates a vRA service, creates the XAAS blueprints and then assigns them to the service. This was developed in vRO v7.5.


      I'm now testing in v7.6 and it seems like the rendering of the blueprints is different, the input labels have a very narrow width causing  them to wrap unnecessarily and the inputs are wide:


      Screenshot from v7.5:



      Screenshot from v7.6:



      Is there anything that I can do to specify the widths when creating the blueprints, bearing in mind this is being done programmatically? Or is this a bug?