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    CDR not reliable

    ChrisVH1982 Lurker



      I am wondering if this a common issue and who can help.


      Every second or third time a user connects to his VDI desktop, client drive redirection to his local computer's user profile is not mapped. When is logs off and back on OR just clicks the "X" and reconnects the running session, the drive is like mapped. Network connection between client, connection server and VDI desktop is good. Could not find anything related in the logs.


      Running Horizon 7.8 with Windows 10 1809 pool using Horizon Agent 7.10 (Same on Agent 7.8)

      Clients using Horizon Client version 5.2 or 5.3

      As the issue occurs, also \\tsclient\<Username> is not reachable so it is not just the drive mapped to "My Computer".


      Who's got a clue that the issue is?