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    Problem Connect to API and SDK

    meti96nv Lurker

      Hi, I created a App for monitoring network,.My boss wants to me that this app connects to Vmware Exsi and get data for monitoring. I found this link "NEW VSPHERE 6.5 REST API AND API EXPLORER"

        but I don't know why I can open API explorer. I searched a lot and I found SDK that is written by c# and I downloaded the program and I set Address and info of user when I run the program it couldn't connect.


      I'm newbie and I don't know anything about Vmware API. I can log in with Vsphare Client to Vmware. please help me .



      think I find out finally.  The API is just vcenter  and it isn't installed on the server. but I have another question How can I install vcenter without problem on esxi?


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