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    Horizon: Endpoints not working

    Hofkicks Novice

      I am experiencing issues with Skyline monitoring VMware Horizon Connection servers.


      My existing connections to Horizon Connection servers are reporting: Endpoints not working.


      I decided to edit an existing configuration which did not work, so I decided to create a new Horizon Connection server config in Skyline. When adding a Connection server I get the following error:

      There was an error while trying to add your Horizon View:

      Certificate validation timed out.

      Please try a different configuration.


      I tried to do a curl from the console to the connection server. The output is pasted below:

      Screenshot - 15_01_2020 , 15_05_39.png


      It seems Skyline is having issues connecting to the Connection server due to missing root and intermediate certificates. This all makes sense since I did not add these certificates to the keystore. The strange part is that Horizon monitoring did work before, so this issue could come from an update of Skyline....

      I checked documentation but I was not able to find a resolution so far....any ideas someone?