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    MS Teams - RTAV

    BypipLtd Novice

      Hi all, I wanted to ask if any of you have got MS Teams working within VDT to a good/acceptable level? We have recently deployed Horizon with optimised Win10 1909 VDT's, the Agent version is 7.10.0 (with the applicable RTAV options ticked) and the Horizon Client is 5.3. The GPO settings for the RTAV have been set and applied to the VDT's using 640x480 at 20fps (in fact we have tried a number of different settings). The general experience is extremely poor with blurred video and sound which sounds like its encoded at 8bits... According to VMWare  what we have done is all you need to do :-). One thing I will add is that all of our remote users/office are tunnelled using IPSEC VPNs (either from their desktop or site to site) - and I have read that this can cause issues with UDP payloads being wrapped in TCP chunks? But, if we test things like general Audio/Video (playing YouTube videos for example) the playback is seemless and excellent, so it does seem to be a Teams thing. Any help or info/ideas would be greatly appreciated.





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          Moddey Novice

          Hi Bypip, I'm sorry this may not be relevant to you but we had a nightmare with MS Teams up until recently so thought It may be worth throwing some friendly advice.


          In November 2019 sometime Microsoft finally allowed the installation of Teams in a Per-machine installation format instead of users running an update.exe from their local app data (ruining profiles.)


          Check that link out below as you can now install it properly on the gold master image within program files.


          Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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            BypipLtd Novice

            Thanks Moddey for your input. Ive read that MS KB previously and it wasnt particular helpful in understanding how it 'works' within the VMWare Horizon fabric.


            One thing we have stumbled upon in further testing is that it 'helps' if the physical webcam settings on the client are set to be running at 360p, and then we configured the GPO policies for the Agent to also work at the same resolution as the 360p. This (I guess) helps somewhat as it isnt having to re-compose the 1080p stream of the physical webcam down to the 360p stream.

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              BypipLtd Novice

              Is anyone else able to comment please? Even if it is working and you followed the basic deployment guide it would help to know, as this would assist us with lookout outside of the deployment and more at the WAN links and things like that.





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                antonpaloka Novice

                I think your question is more about RTAV than it is teams. I also am not satisfied with RTAV and webcams, the quality is just not there.

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                  BypipLtd Novice

                  Thank you antonpaloka, yes it is RTAV and its interesting what you've said, so I guess you have been using the same with something like Skype for Business?

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                    BypipLtd Novice

                    So, turning this into a pure RTAV question then. Does anyone else use this feature and what is their experience please?





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                      Preetam Zare Expert

                      Are all users using thick client i.e. desktop to connect to Horizon?

                      If the answer is yes, then the problem is lies more between the link between the office.


                      One way to eliminate this is to check performance within LAN

                      Did you tried the performance within the LAN?

                      We had similiar problem for Video training software and we found IDS major problem. IDS was inspecting traffic which is encrypted. We disable IDS and it worked much better.

                      We also changed the protocol to Blast and it was much better for us.

                      Hope this help.

                      With Great Regards,
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                        JohnTwilley Hot Shot

                        My company is in the Microsoft Teams TAP program, testing the upcoming "optimized for VMware" Teams client. 

                        Once configured, the audio is VERY impressive.  Basically, it's the exact same thing they did for the Skype client.  Some GPO settings for the Horizon Agent, Horizon 5.3 client, and user (currently) has to be in Teams Ring 1.5 with is not yet GA.


                        I'm guessing they are a couple months out for release... I'd share more details, but that pesky NDA thing says I cannot.  Just know that it's very nice when running correctly! (at least the audio)


                        It's too bad they VMware is working with Microsoft to build "special" optimized channels instead of just fixing the dated RTAV... one can dream.