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    Copy ESXI host configuration to New ESXI host

    oliver g Novice

      Hello Members,


      I am going to migrate/upgrade as esxi host running Esxi 6.0 U3., VMware Essentials

      I will have new hardware that supports Esxi 6.7 U3 (do not have license yet, not sure which version we can buy)


      I see where it is possible to use powerCLI or some other method to copy a host's configuration.


      I would like ot copy the configuration from old host to new host. The old host as a somewhat extensive

      network configuration - it would be nice to not have to edit new host from scratch.


      Are there methods that will allow me to do this? Templating, etc.

      This would not be a host that is hosting a vCenter Server appliance.




      Oliver G