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    Moving ESXI Host To Another Cluster

    bully79 Novice

      Hi Guys,

      I was wondering if somebody could give me clarification when moving a host to another cluster.


      Can I just put the host into maintenance mode once VM's are migrated and just disconnect and move?.


      Some places I've looked up seem to suggest to 'remove from inventory as well, where other say you can just disconnect.


      The reason I am asking is that I'm pretty sure that when i run this on my lab, when I remove the host from inventory it removes it's switch config and you have to start again, whereas just a disconnect doesn't?.


      Especially when it's using a DVS. Although I could of sworn it did this even on a standard and I had to redo all the VMkernel settings etc.


      Thanks as always for your time and help, it is much appreciated!