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    after enable passthrough and add the PCI device to VM-Host Crashed PSOD

    Rao9339 Novice

      Hello Every one,


      HBA card is enabled  pass through on ESXi 5.5 Host and  it was added as PCI device to the VM(windows2008).setup is running running since long time.successfully.

      Now we have new ESXi 6.7 host, same VM migrated to new Host 6.7 and one of the HBA card from the host has enabled pass thorough and it was added as PCI device to the VM(windows2008).

      all went good but when ever guest VM(windows) reboots , host is crashed PSOD.Please help me, what needs to be done to prevent the host PSOD, wen Guest VM reboots.

      Screenshot from 2020-01-14 15-08-41.png