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    Update Windows OS on Infra servers

    kallischlauch Enthusiast


      deployed VRA when it was 7.0, with 2012 R2 servers on all DEM, Agent and IaaS


      I need to upgrade them to 2019 Windows. I dont plan in-place upgrade. I'd rather deploy a new VM in place of the other.

      But I couldnt find any guides on this and forum search also blank.

      for the agents I found I could simply remove the agent from VRA, and create a new one one (even with different name). no problem

      MSSQL also no problem, just created new cluster and config, restored DBs there and modified config (used a CNAME on top of the service so it was a simple change)

      But what about DEM workers and more importantly IaaS servers?
      I cant yet go to VRA 8 as there doesnt seem to be migration path (yet) and also I have not tested it yet


      Any reference?