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    Skyline false alert on blades

    MattHumphreys Novice

      So we have upgraded 4 blades to 6.7u3 and this alert for ESXi 6.7 and 6.5 Host PSOD on QFLE3I driver on QLogic 57840 10/20 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter has cropped up for all of the hosts, when I examine the KB it directs me to a driver pack, I login to the hosts to verify the installed drivers and find the following:


      Name    Vendor Version                     

      ----    ------ -------                     

      nqlcnic QLC    6.0.63-1OEM.650.0.0.4240417 

      qcnic   QLC

      qedentv QLC

      qedf    QLC

      qedi    QLC

      qedrntv QLC

      qfle3   QLC

      qfle3f  QLC

      qfle3i  QLC


      The drivers above are installed on all four blades, they also pass their network health checks so they are not alerting on the issue specified. Cant seem to see why these blades are alerting on this issue, the only thing is that it driver version that skyline refers to is qfle3- driver which is not the version that is installed however it is a higher version that is in the driver pack referenced in VMware Knowledge Base .


      Not sure what this issue is but looks like it is something with skyline rather than the blades itself