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    In-Progress snapshot from last month...

    Mozron Lurker



      Cant seem to find any documentation on this so i thought id post the question here.


      Only just noticed, one of the scheduled snapshots has been In-Progress for the last month. I've tried to delete it but without success. What's the safest way to stop and delete this. i know the root cause of the issue, which i have fixed but need to safely remove/delete this.

      running SRM version 6.5.1

      there are several other volumes being snapshot'd every couple of hours.


      Is it a simple case of ensuring no other snapshot is in-progress, restarting the SRM service on the SRM Server? and if that fails, any other suggestions?


      thank you

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          rshenoy Enthusiast

          Hi Morzon,

          Do you see an active task running on vCenter task and events. Stating snapshot is in progress ?



          Ritesh Shenoy

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            Mozron Lurker

            Hey rshenoy, thank you for looking at this, I think this is more of a problem with the Storage then it is SRM. I've logged it with the storage support team as we recently did some firmware update....


            Nothing running in SRM to indicate a fault with it.

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              Rajhere Enthusiast
              VMware Employees

              Hi you can log thru SSH to the ESxi host i which the VM is residing.


              then run the below command :

              #vim-cmd vimsvc\task_list


              this will show all the process running on the host,

              please locate the snapshot process in this list

              once you have the copy from "ha ...processid"


              then run.

              #vim-cmd vimsvc\task_info "ha ...processid"


              here you will see "progress" - this will show if the process is running or not


              if you do not see any process the snapshot is gone zombie - so you can kill it with the below command.


              #vim-cmd vimsvc\task_cancel "ha ...processid"


              later run

              /etc/init.d/hostd restart

              /etc/init.d/vpxa restart