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    vcsa High Availability - storage/seat get full

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      please someone has experience here.


      We have a vcsa HA 6.7 U3 on which /storage/seat runs fully. It is currently at 92%.  If this is 95%, the web interface of the vcsa is no longer accessible. therefore this must be resolved quickly.

      There is a database alarm in the vcsa appliance "File system /storage/seat has only a small amount of space for the database. Increase the size of hard disk /storage/seat or shorten the retention time.


      Now my question:


      Retention time reduce: If the tetention time reduced, the vcsa must be rebooted so that the change is activated. In my understanding, that would would mean that the vcsa-peer is set to active.Then what happens, does it work? Does vcsa-peer even notice that the retention time has been changed. Can there be a crash?

      Or have the vcsa-per and vcsa-witness have to be shut down in advance or the entire vcsa HA has to be deaktivated or destroyed in advance?

      what is the correct and safe procedure for a vcsa HA solution.


      Increase the affected disk:  And how would you proceed if you increase the affected disk? Can this be done with a vcsa HA and if so how? The vcsa peer must also be considered here. What is the correct and safe procedure here?


      I hope someone has experience here and can tell me how the correct and safe procedure works here.


      Thank you in advance!

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          if your hosts are build 14320388 then you might have this problem ? VMware Knowledge Base

          the problem is fixed in the november patches. as a quick solution you can disable wbem as decribed in the kb.

          the kb also describes how to quick shrink the database


          for database retention settings put vcha in maintenance mode and then perform a reboot

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            Reboot All vCenter HA Nodes


            If you have to shut down and reboot all nodes in the cluster, you must follow a specific shutdown order to prevent the Passive node from assuming the role of Active node.




            1. Shut down the nodes in this order.
              • Passive node
              • Active node
              • Witness node
            2. Restart each node.
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            3. Verify that all nodes join the cluster successfully, and that the previous Active node resumes that role.




            when you configure vCenter Server 6.7 HA, It will Clone the existing vCenter Server appliance and Create additional 2 Virtual machines (Peer & Witness) named with vCenter_VM_Name-peer & vCenter_VM_NAme-Witness. These 2 VM’s have the exact same configuration in terms of memory, CPU and Storage space as your existing vCenter server appliance.


            I don't answer you about increasing the disk space because it never happened to me. However I would call support to ask for info as soon as possible.



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