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    Storage recommendations for small 3 host vcenter environment

    RadiatedBirds Lurker

      Hi, I recently took over a half-well done vmware environment and need some direction.


      There are 3 servers currently:

      host 1 - single proc supermicro, runs vcsa (6.7)

      host 2- dual proc supermicro, runs several vm's, locally (6.5)

      host 3 - dual proc supermicro, runs several vm's, locally (6.7)


      Total storage is about 1TB on all of the vm's combined.


      All vm's running are in production and need to be up 100% of the time (dc's, puppet, dev, veeam, etc)


      Budget = $15k give or take.



      1 - Should I updated local storage on each ESX host and ram and call it a day?

      2 - Should I purchase a shared DAS (iscsi) storage, if so, which one? vendor websites are annoying to get to the meat and potatoes (prices) without jumping through the sales team and days of waiting.

      3 - Since total storage use is low (don't ever see it going above 5 TB), should I opt for all-flash DAS?

      4 - What do you guys recommend?


      Ideally, I'd like to get to a point where all hosts are on same esxi, vcenter can do vmotion and manage everything, and all vm's are running on fast, local, flash storage so esxi hosts can fail but the vm will get migrated to a different host. (this will also help me use update manager and get things updated when needed)




      I'm open to all good ideas.