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    DEM 9.10 Default Applications Issue

    admsrvvma01 Lurker

      We upgraded to DEM 9.10 to enable roaming FTAs. However, we first ran into issues roaming .PDFs, so while troubleshooting, I deleted the Windows Settings template for roaming FTAs that's available with 9.10. However, now our logs are showing that a FlexEngine-DefaultApplications.log is still creating and running for our users right after profile logon, which is still causing our .PDFs to change to a non-program/blank. Is this possibly an issue/bug with DEM 9.10?


      It's interesting because our master image's base profile has .PDFs associated to an Adobe program, but after about 5 seconds after logon is complete, the .PDF protocol changes. It's similar to a workaround we've been using, like a startup folder command.


      Edit: Sorry, forgot to include variables -

      - We're using DEM 9.10 on Windows 1809 x64

      - We deleted the configuration in hopes it would stop because the conditions weren't being followed. Meaning, we only wanted to test this new feature with one pool, but it went into our production workstations as well.

      - A pool we have running on DEM 9.9 works fine/no issue