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    Configuration suggestion for vSAN

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      Dear friends, I have a question on assembling a vSAN cluster with 7 servers. My servers are a bit old, HPE DL360 and DL380 both generation 7 with P410i RAID controller (SAS 6Gb/s) that does not allow passthrough mode, ie for vSAN mounting I will have to configure each disk to be RAID 0 for ESXi 6.0 U3 can create vSAN.


      My configuration question would be (I can only put four 2.5 inch disks per server):


           configuration 1: 1 x 200GB SAS SSD (632492-B21) + 3 X 900GB 10K SAS HDD (619291-B21) on each server.

                            So I will have 1.4TB cache (7 X 200GB) and 18.9TB capacity (7 X 900GB X 3);

           configuration 2: 1 X Intel Server D3-S4510 240GB SSD + 3 X Intel Server D3-S4510 960GB SSD (SATA 3 - but powered on a SAS 6Gb/s controller that only supports SATA 3Gb/s).

                            So I will have 1.6TB of cache (7 X 240GB) and 20.1TB of capacity (7 X 960GB X 3);


      For configuration 1 would be all SAS 6Gb / s disks, but the capacity layer would be spinning disks.


      For configuration 2 would be all SSD disks (SATA), but the interface would be 3Gb/s.


      Which setting above (or other) do you suggest?

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          Those are pretty old servers. Have you checked to see if they are on the vSAN HCL? vSAN is very picky about what hardware it will run on. Hate to see you go down a long road just to find out these servers won't work.


          VMware Compatibility Guide - vsan


          Your NIC's will be very important in this equation too. If you only have 1GE interfaces you can only go with the hybrid option of SSD for cache and spinners for capacity. I think I'd opt for that one anyway with the 3Gbs SATA interfaces likely hindering the all SSD option.

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            What is this for?


            Reason I am asking is:

            • Diskcontroller is not on the vSAN HCL
            • Disks are not on the HCL
            • 632492-B21 is not on the hcl

            The D3-S4510 is on the HCL... So that would be the only supported configuration, if the diskcontroller was supported, which it is not.