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    vROPS 7.0 to 8.0 Upgrade (eh, migration)

    nmanm0305 Novice

      I have a very stable and productive vROPS 7.0 environment. It was previously upgraded in-place from 6.7 (and 6.0 before that).


      I want to start "new" with 8.0, rather than upgrading in place. Though, I want to take my existing customizations (policies, dashboards, reports, views, etc.) into the 8.0 environment. Does anyone know of good step-by-step documentation to do this?


      My plan is to run the 7.0 and 8.0 environments concurrently for 30 days (enough time to collect a small amount of historical data), and then decommission the 7.0 environment. My current environment is highly utilized and I want to make the upgrade/migration to 8.0 as seamless as possible, but with new nodes instead of an in-place upgrade.


      I've deployed the 8.0 nodes that I need (Master, Replica, Remote Collector), but I haven't imported any of my customizations nor setup any adapters.