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    How to configure e-mail address for Skyline notifications

    virtualgirl Lurker
    VMware Employees

      Customer is receiving Skyline Notifications like the one below. Customer needs to change recipient e-mail address. How can this be accomplished?


      From: noreply-skyline@vmware.com <noreply-skyline@vmware.com>
      Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2019 6:20 PM
      To: Customer E-mail Address <customer@company.com>
      Subject: Update status for collector d3c88d82-d908-4414-af57-fb19aaae065e


      Collector d3c88d82-d908-4414-af57-fb19aaae065e has updated from version to version


      • Vami OS update: 0


      Thank you.