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    Datacenter's cold boot and "Orchestrated Restart"

    CatMucius Novice



      Does anybody know - should the "Orchestrated Restart" feature work in case when all hosts in an HA cluster were shut down and then part of them start booting?

      I've defined VM groups, VM/Host rules and VM Restart Priorities according to this guide - and still, the VMs got launched in random order.


      Is cold boot of all hosts considered an "HA event"? Should it trigger the VM/Host rules logic? Does availability of vCenter make a difference? In my case, vCenter was one of the VMs on the powered-off hosts.


      If not, what is the standard solution to get VMs powered on in a particular order in case a whole cluster was down? Given that standard "Virtual Machine Startup Settings" feature work for single ESXi, but not for a cluster?


      The cluster is of vSphere version 6.7, Update  2.