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    vSphere HA can VM migrate to another host but should not restart

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      We have questions regarding vSphere HA settings, in case of host failure, VMs will migrate to another hosts, but restarts. My Client have critical VMs that don't want to be rebooted. And he also asking if there's a config for a certain VM that vSphere HA will not perform a reboot when the compute (cpu/mem) went on high utilization. I only know vSphere HA when turned on, it applies to all VMs. We're tried to test vSphere HA settings one by one, but we end up rebooting the VM after transferred to another host. We don't know if we missed out some other settings, DRS is turned on. We're using vSphere 6.7 U3.

      My apologies for the question, my client said, why its called high availability if the VM reboots, I know he's got a point but I can't explain it somehow properly.

      He's comparing it to HyperV, that when there's a host failure, the VM will moved to another host without rebooting.


      Thank you very much for sharing your information.