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    L2VPN Setup/ VMs on site B cannot access local resources

    redbaron28 Novice

      Hello everyone,


      I am having issue with my VMs on a stretched network to access local resources. Site-A is the main server provider. Site-B is in a different geographic location(Canada). The Tunnel link works great with no issues even worked the first time I configured it.


      Site-A = Sub-Interface: VNI: 5000 Tunnel ID: 10

      Site-B = Sub-Interface: VNI: 6002 Tunnel ID: 10

      Egress Optimization Gateway Address setting is blank


      VM01 = (Site-A)

      VM02 = (Site-B)


      DNAT and SNAT translations for each VM on Site-A(L2VPN Server)


      With this above config each VM can ping each other and can access the internet. VM02 uses the tunnel to access the internet. VM02 can access local resources on Site-A but not on Site-B. VM01 can access Site-A resources but not on Site-B.


      Now I left the Egress Address blank as if I put the local gateway or the VXLAN gateway both VMs are unable to access each other. example( or to Physical))


      I get a feeling I'm missing a piece to how this tech works. My goal with this is to connect sites together for AD traffic and access local vCenter as if I was there as adding vCenter to my main instance is not a option in my case.


      Can provide more information if needed!


      Any help is greatly appreciated! Been at this for around 3 weeks now lol.