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    VCSA 6.0 Services not starting after file system fill.  SSO password reset assistance.

    TAndrews13 Lurker

      We have the problem described here:


      VMware Knowledge Base


      Line 7 states:  Enter the user account listed in the vmdird-syslog.log file.


      I am looking at the vmdird-syslog.log file and all I see are the following lines repeated over and over again:


      2020-01-03T19:55:55.781554+00:00 info vmdird  t@140571393914624: Bind failed () (9234)

      2020-01-03T19:55:55.781635+00:00 err vmdird  t@140571393914624: VmDirSendLdapResult: Request (Bind), Error (49), Message (), (0) socket ([17]<-

      2020-01-03T19:55:55.781722+00:00 err vmdird  t@140571393914624: Bind Request Failed ([17]<- error 49: Protocol version: 3, Bind DN: "cn=Vcenter.bemidji.k12.mn.us,ou=Domain Controllers,dc=

      VCenter,dc=local", Method: Simple


      Nowhere do I see a user account listed.  From other articles describing how to reset the SSO password the "administrator@vsphere.local" account is referenced, so I reset that account and followed the remaining instructions.  Unfortunately, after a reboot I have the same issue.


      I feel confident that this KB describes the issue we are having... I'm just not sure I am resetting the correct user account.