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    Gateway firewall uninitialized problem ?

    thierryn Lurker


      My lab setup includes two logical switches and 1 tier0 router, as summarized in the attached pdf.

      interface to segment 1 =

      interface to segment 2 =


      From the outside world, I'm able to ping the segment 1 interface but not any of the VMs that are connected to this segment (for example a Linux machine at

      From this VM ( I can ping my physical network gateway, so the packets are well routed on my physical network. The echo replies are well sent by this gateway, but do not reach my VM.


      As all the layer 3 seems working fine, I wonder whether I have a security issue (packets not allowed to pass the segment interface up to the VM).


      I've had a look at the gateway firewall and see that the default policy is "uninitialized".

      I've not found any way to initialize it and have created a custom one which is well initialized. This should allow all traffic.


      When I've enabled this, my ping has been succesfull for some seconds, then traffic was blocked again... Really strange behavior.


      Any idea ?