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    Migrating from VSS to VDS with no downtime

    hamidja Novice

      hi dear friends

      i have 4 dl380g10 and 4  or 3 port group on each of them.PG 1 and 2 are similar but other are diffrent.one PG for vm and mgmt with 2 VMNIC .one PG with 1 vmnic for VMotion .other PG for other use.

      1- is it correct that i must create every PG of my VSS in VDS?

      2- how should i plan it? others told first migrate some physical NICs then vmkernels if it is right should i first mmigrate one of my mgmt VMNICS?

      3-what should i do to avoid losing VDS mgmt when i lose my VC?

      thank you