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    Auto Close ServiceNow INC Ticket

    OsburnM Enthusiast

      So here's a question I'm guessing the answer is no but figured I'd throw it out there anyway in case someone actually tried this and got it working...


      We are working on setting up vROps to auto-open INC tickets in ServiceNow using the new vROps/SN Notification Plugin.  Got it working/talking to SN and opening tickets based on alerts fired-- works great and very happy.


      Now we're wondering if it's possible for vROps to auto-close that same ticket that gets opened, once the alert is cancelled.  Is this even possible or not?



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          sxnxr Master

          I dont think this is a feature yet but i could be wrong. I know Blue Medora is working on a management pack to import a lot of SNow data into vrops and one of the features will be 2 way communication for alerts. An alert canceled in vrops will close the SNow ticket and a SNow ticket closed will cancel the vrops alert.


          The reason i say i dont think this is available is why would blue medora be adding something to a MP that already exists