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    ESXi 6.7.0 - How to create multiple networks in seperate networks/subnets?

    Darren_DnFn Novice


      I have a server that I installed the latest version of ESXi 6.7 on. I have been using the hypervisor on other servers for quite a while. I have always wanted to know how to allow VMs to connect to two different internal networks. For instance, I have one switch that is set up for the network, and I have another switch that is set up for the network. The server I have has four Ethernet ports. I would like to set up a VM so that it can connect to both internal networks. I have looked through a variety of guides, most of which are fairly complex, and hard to understand. It is very easy to do on a real server or workstation, you just plug in a second ethernet cable to the desired switch and modify its IP accordingly.


      Does someone know how to do this, or have used a guide that is easy to follow.

      Thanks in advance for your help,