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    GRID Performance Poor issue

    JaeseongLee Novice

      We tested VDI GRID GPU Performance.


      But even none gpu VM is faster than GRID VM.


      I tested GPU performance via this site.


      HTML5 Fish Bowl


      Normal VM(non-GPU) showed 60 FPS in 100 fishes,

      but when I enabled and installed nvidia gpu driver, it showed less than 5 FPS .

      Also Nvidia control panel preview image is very slow.



      Any thoughts?


      ESXi, vCenter - 6.7 update 2

      Horizon - 7.10

      GPU - Tesla M10

      NVIDIA esxi Vib - 418.109

      Windows 10 Nvidia driver - 4.32.08


      I changed Grid vGPU profile m10_8q to 2a,

      It worth nothing.

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          VDINinja311 Enthusiast



          Are the desktops licensed via a GRID licensing server? If the desktops are not licensed, it will cap the frames per second at 3 until it is licensed. You can verify it's licensed in the Nvidia Control Panel.


          See Client Licensing User Guide :: NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software Documentation


          From the link:

          NVIDIA vGPU is a licensed product. When booted on a supported GPU, a vGPU runs at reduced capability until a license is acquired.

          The performance of an unlicensed vGPU is restricted as follows:

          • Frame rate is capped at 3 frames per second.
          • GPU resource allocations are limited, which will prevent some applications from running correctly.
          • On vGPUs that support CUDA, CUDA is disabled.

          These restrictions are removed when a license is acquired.

          After you license NVIDIA vGPU, the VM that is set up to use NVIDIA vGPU is capable of running the full range of DirectX and OpenGL graphics applications.

          If licensing is configured, the virtual machine (VM) obtains a license from the license server when a vGPU is booted on these GPUs. The VM retains the license until it is shut down. It then releases the license back to the license server. Licensing settings persist across reboots and need only be modified if the license server address changes, or the VM is switched to running GPU pass through.

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            JaeseongLee Novice

            You're right.

            We tested GPU performance, so evaluation license was expired.

            We changed new license, and performance getting better.