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    VMWare vRO Workflow

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      My OutPut Variable in VRO has this data in single line.

      like this



      i want to format that and keep it on different lines like this and sent email.vro






      how to format the variable which has this data in javascript ?

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          Check the following snippet which shows how all dot characters ('.') in a string can be replaced with newline characters ('\n').


          var x = "aaaaaa.bbbbbbb.ccccc.ddddd";
          System.log("original value: " + x);
          var y = x.replace(/\./g, "\n");
          System.log("formatted value: " + y);
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            stevedrummond Hot Shot

            If you're sending a HTML email (as opposed to text) you'll want to replace them with <br /> and not the newline character.


            const body = myVar.replace(/\./g, '<br />');