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    VMware Skyline services

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      Hello there, I have a possible hack breach within my iPhone Ios13.3, so here we go, I've worked within the IT field and felt strange about some features or lack there of within this phone.  Last night, I decided to dig deeper into the phone and came across a SHU portal which has Linux Ubuntu, oracle, vnc, and a KDE server connection. What alarmed me was that I pressed to connect and I was connected without entering any credentials or the server information. Which of course leads me to who is managing my phone without my knowledge??? I'm.self employed and do not have any of these things subscribed at all. Now to the VMWARE, I have found that VMware Skyline services is also running onto my phone. I would love for ANY one to give me a call or try to research this for me. I would love to know who the author or administrator that has done such an unlawful crime and have them prosecuted. Examples of what I'm mentioning with VMware are VMware cloud on AWS - SDDC provisional failures. VMWARE skyline login failures. VMWARE skyline Degradation service performance. Intermittent APPDEFENSE logs. I would love to figure this one out and hope someone can give me the honest answers I seek. I can be reached at Micahstewart778@gmail.com