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    vSAN failing with different RAM configurations of ESXi hosts

    vishnuas Lurker


      I was exploring vSAN 6.7U3 with evaluation license and I came across a scenario when the 'configure' step in vCenter fails whenever I increase the RAM allotted to the ESXi host.


      I have an All-flash vSAN configuration with 2 ESXi hosts each having 2 disk groups (each disk group with capacity tier 12TB and caching tier 2TB).  Each ESXi host is allotted 7.5GB RAM. The physical machine hosting the ESXi host has 64GB RAM. In this trial, the vcenter configuration completes successfully, creating the vSAN datastore.  


      But for the same configuration when I increase the ESXi host's RAM from 7.5GB to 15GB, 'configure' step in vcenter fails at 'disk group creation' resulting in 'Operational Health' error as seen in the picture below. I have tried fresh installation of vCenter and ESXi hosts, but still shows the same error. When I decrease the RAM back to 7.5GB, everything works perfectly.


      From the logs, I found the error "Failed to initialize the memory for the disk group" but I have not been able to understand the reason behind this error.


      I kindly request any help in understanding and solving the issue. Thanks in advance